Clamshell Relay Race and Raffle!

The 24th Clamshell Relay Race takes off July 4 at 10:00 AM at the entrance to the Lion’s Club. Registration begins at 9:00. This is the first year that all proceeds from the race and the four-day raffle will benefit the new Peaks Island Health Center Scholarship. Our goal is to provide two Peaks Islanders with $1,000 towards their education in a health-related field. This year we are pleased to give the award to two outstanding young women: Namdol Kalsang and Kelli Schuit. Congratulations to them both!

Interested in running the relay? This race has everything: Strange and wonderful awards, amazing raffle prizes, and an appreciative crowd which claps as loud for the last one over the line as the first. Here’s how it works: The race starts at the entrance to the Lion’s Club. Boom! (That’s the starting cannon.) One relay partner runs to the Fifth Maine Regiment Museum, picks up a clamshell and heads back to the starting line. The first runner hands off the clamshell to their relay partner. The second runner sleep walks or runs down Island Avenue -- past Hannigan’s Island Market, past Brad and Wyatt’s bike shop, down to Centennial Beach -- dips the clamshell in the water, and returns to the starting line, which is now the finish line. Whew!

Be part of an island tradition -- participate in this zany relay and support the Peaks Island Health Center Scholarship. Raffle tickets will be sold in front of Hannigan’s for three days before the race and also at Greenwood Garden the morning of the race.

The Details

The 24th Annual Clam Shell Relay Race
Tuesday, July 4, 2017
Race Starts at Lion’s Club at 10:00am
Signup begins at 9:00am
$5 per team of two

Proceeds support the Peaks Island Health Center Scholarship.

Clamshell Relay Race Scholarship

We have created a Clamshell Relay Race Scholarship. Our scholarships are $1,000 each and will be awarded to two (2) Peaks Island residents who are pursuing a healthcare occupation through an accredited academic program.

Go here for more information about the Clamshell Race Scholarship and application.

Looking at map of the race course

Clam Shell Relay Race Team

Race founder, Dr. Chuck Radis, awards prizes